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fabulous awesome que(e)ries

we can grow cannabis under lights at any scale — from as small as a computer tower tucked under your desk to as large as a dedicated room, garage, or warehouse.

with at least 6 hours of full, direct sun per day, you can grow very nice weed on an apartment balcony or a bright window sill. 

gardens are often constrained by time, space, and money.

we can help you determine the right size garden whether your priorities are adequately supplying your medical needs, staying within a strict budget, or avoiding overwhelm. 

in most indoor gardens odor control is a major design consideration. specialized filters use activated carbon to scrub the air as it is pulled through powerful fans. QCW can deign and fine tune your entire air circulation system. 

outdoors in the open air filtration is not an option. flowering cannabis plants are SMELLY! if nosy neighbors are a concern, your best bet is carefully choosing seeds bred for discretion.

we can offer guidance at any point on your cannabis journey. 

whether you need an emergency problem diagnosed, want to elevate your curing technique, or just need so,done to help you set up your fancy new equipment, QCW has you covered. 

pricing for our services is broken down so that they can be customized to each client’s preferences, priorities, and budget. the initial assessment is free and you can add services as necessary.

when it comes to the cost of building out a garden, initial investment can vary hugely and will be influenced by a number of factors.  you can throw a couple hundred or many thousands of dollars into equipment, materials, and genetics. 

it’s important to remember that none of those things guarantee a successful or quality harvest. the cultivation between headies and shwag lies in the hands of the gardener themself. 


the finest herb can be grown in the humblest of gardens, and even the fanciest cultivation facilities will yield garbage.  it’s up to each of us to show our plants the love and attention they need to thrive. 

yay! this is an open coven so if this overlap of identities speaks to you embrace it! the world needs all of us it can get. 

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if/when you decide to get your hands dirty, we’ll be here to support you!

many of our services can be extended remotely via text and video chat appointments. 

services such as build outs and hash-making demos have traditionally been completed in person. these must be temporarily suspended until social distancing protocol is no longer necessary.

during the warmer months, outdoor gardens may be considered for in person visits on the condition masks are worn and social distancing is maintained at all times.