queer canna witch

the venn overlap of

queer community, cannabis culture, and folk wisdom

adrixn catao started qcw at the end of 2020 to function as a platform for education, advocacy, and community building.  

disillusioned with the greed and corruption emerging in the “legal” cannabis landscape, adrixn looked for a way to disrupt the corporate takeover and double down on education and community building.

our queer and trans peers, many of them Black, indigenous, and people of color, have been participating in every level of the cannabis market for generations.  

the big canna lobbyists push state legislatures around the country to ignore demands for equity and instead maintain and entrench the criminalization of home cultivators and legacy operators.  we must demand our right to cultivate by planting gardens in as many homes as we can!


feed the soil---organic, no-till methods indoors and out

a recipe for strong and fragrant flowers:

combine the moss from an ancient northern bog, the rot of a billion invisible bodies worked through by countless worms, volcanic rocks heated to such extreme temperatures they expand like popcorn in an instant. combining these elements in equal parts will make a lovely base mix for most seedling trays and nursery containers. now add fungal spores and microscopic spiders, chopped sea vegetables and pulverized crustacean shells, paramagnetic dust from a melted glacier,  fish bones and pressed seed cake. plant in medicinal and culinary herbs and top with aged leaf mold.